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Thanks for taking a moment to stop by the website. I hope the content included here helps illustrate the kind of writer, editor, and scholar I could be for Edutopia. Please feel free to contact me directly at

Download my resume here.

Some interesting and creative examples of Nick’s ability to communicate:

Celine & Me: Rethinking Music Education in 6:40

A presentation I gave a few years ago. The core mechanic of PechaKucha is that you get to show 20 slides with each one being 20 seconds long. You have no control over advancement of each screen. Hilarity can ensue.


The Sound of Music Education Podcast Pilot

A podcast pilot I created for a large music education organization. Since research shows us that whiteboard animations help viewers retain more information, I also created this fun whiteboard video for the pilot pitch. I also created this website. 


One Degree of Separation (Podcast)

A personal project. I interviewed one person and that person has suggested someone else to interview who suggested someone else… I’d recommend episode three (“Doppelgangers, Porch Lights, and Voting Rights“) or my latest episode (“Two Days in Ferguson, MO“).


Full Face Podcast cover with filter



Leading Notes’ Twitter Feed

The most obvious example of my ability to create new projects by collaboratively working with others is Leading Notes, the online magazine I co-founded and co-edit. With an editorial mantra of “pedagogy as narrative”, I worked to create a project that was This American Life meets music education meets the digital magazine. The end product has received praise from leading thinkers in the field of music education, was the recipient of an EduBlog award, and proves to be a useful resource that fills a real gap within the profession. Additionally, we partnered with CIA Publications to offer a book club that featured the author in a podcast we published. Overall, the functional breadth and aesthetic clarity of Leading Notes is a good representation of my need to create something new and my abilities to craft a product and manage the number of people required to get it off of the ground.

After developing a theme, my team and I had to recruit contributors, commission artwork, produce supportive materials (podcasts, videos, photos), and run our social media. Below is a list of some of my favorite pieces that I have personally edited for Leading Notes.

While most of the stories on Leading Notes were written by wonderful music educators, many of them had little previous experience writing for an online audience. I hope these articles show my ability to identify talented individuals and help guide them through the process of making compelling online content.

Nick’s Writings

Through my writings on Leading Notes, Moving Forward with Music (my blog), and various academic journals, I have demonstrated my ability to create engaging content. Below is a list of articles that have received a lot of attention within the small world of music education.

See Nick Speak. Speak, Nick, Speak!

Meet Nick

Amy Poehler says Nick is an “Alan Thicke-worthy Musician”

On the topic of research

Curricular Design

The Student-Led Ensemble & Me

What Others Are Saying: Nice Things about Nick from the Virtual Water Cooler

Making the Case for Music Education

Nick’s Musings on Music Education

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