On the topic of research

Dear Diary,

One day, when I had traveled 5 hours to visit a library in Madison, Wisconsin, it dawned on me – I like research! I’m glad it worked out that way, because pursuing two degrees in grad school (music education and communication) required a lot of reading and research.

In the event of my death, I have directed my attorney to release this top secret diary to the person who will write the biopic about me. In the interest of providing this screenwriter the information they need to paint a full picture of me, I’ll include some examples of the research I’ve done.

Rapid protyping for real music video games

Obligatory image of me looking academic.

Obligatory image of me looking academic.

Ben Smith, Matthew Thibeault, and I tested a series of rapidly prototyped games that allowed players to use their real voice to control their avatar on the screen. We presented our findings in at the 8th Annual Games, Learning, and Society Conference (GLS 8.0) in Madison, WI. If you want to read the paper, click here!

Listening Through The Static

This paper, centering on the evolution of music education over the radio, was what took me to Wisconsin. I got to look through some pretty neat primary sources. Anyway, it’s a good read! Want it? Boom!

Whose Tradition?

In another loud mouthed attempt to explain to music teachers why the profession would benefit from expanding into popular music, I bring out some good ol’ fashioned history and mix it with some sociology. I’m still proud of the result. (Yeah, I can be braggy in my own diary.) LINK’D!

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