“Alan Thicke-Worthy” Musician

Poehler BearOh yeah! That’s right! Amy Poehler described the Plugs Theme that my brother and I wrote and recorded as, “Alan Thicke-Worthy”. After all of these years of recording as The Mans, it was nice to receive the very specific praise that we had been seeking all of these years. Having Paul F. Tompkins (in the character of Alan Thicke) say that it “reminded him of The Beach Boys” is also pretty neat.

I am a little concerned that Amy, Paul, and host Scott Aukerman could accurately describe our esoteric millionaire lifestyle, though. I suppose this calls for increased security at our compound. Oh well…

I’ll throw this recording of the theme and their response here for posterity.

Also, while I’m feeding my ear-tongue, here is a track from The Mans’ upcoming album. This was recorded at home and still needs some other elements added, but it’s definitely headed in the right direction right now.

While on the topic of The Mans, I suppose that I should include this video we made a couple of years ago. It shows all of the workings of recording a Mans song (read: on a super budget) in four minutes! Pretty neat, huh?

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