See Nick Speak. Speak, Nick, Speak!

The video below is from a presentation I was invited to give at the seventh Champaign-Urbana PechaKucha night. In short, each presenter gives 20 slides and each slide is 20 seconds in length. There’s no going back and there’s no stopping. The format allows for quick presentations that focus on large ideas. Any given PechaKucha event will have 8-10 presenters, from a wide variety of backgrounds. I’m sure there’s one near you. Go check it out!

This particular lecture, titled “Celine & Me,” attempts to provide the philosophical framework for expanding our “traditional” music education curricula. If nothing else, I hope this video shows my ability to present important ideas to large groups of people in engaging ways – an important skill for any teacher.

One comment

  1. You’re a very talented speaker, and I’m glad I happened to wander into your clinic at TI:ME Thursday morning. I hope to see you around when I return saturday!

    Jeff Gorham
    JD 2012, Indiana University McKinney School of Law
    MS 2012, Purdue University School of Engineering and Technology

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