What Others Are Saying: Nice Things about Nick from the Virtual Water Cooler

Over the last couple of years, both my blog and Leading Notes have provided me with incredible opportunities to interact with music teachers from all over the world. It has been inspirational to learn from teachers with the passion and creativity that you see on display all over the Internet.

Some people have been kind enough to say nice things about my ideas and how it has impacted their teaching or their thinking on music education. While, in general, I don’t like the idea of highlighting myself in this way (it’s about our students!), I hope these quotes show that my ideas have resonated within the profession and that your students would benefit from them, too!

* * *

Click the quote to see it in context (along with the article they were commenting on).

Love your ideas, the exciting list of courses you propose, AND their “multi-media” presentation!… Keep up the great thinking!” – Scott Shuler, NAfME President

“I am excited to see where VP-elect for SGM, Mr. Nick Jaworski, leads us in the years to come.  It has been a pleasure to work with Nick this past year as he prepares to step in to this role.  Nick has an infectious energy for Secondary General Music programs, and I am confident he will create amazing opportunities for those of us who value non-performance music courses in the high schools of Illinois.” – Brayer Teague, Illinois Music Educator Journal, Fall 2011, p. 45.

“This should be required reading for all music educators!”

“An article that makes you forget about the small petty things and lets you refocus on what’s important – the impact we have on these kids lives. Thanks for writing this Nick!”

“I love the blog and would definitely like to get in touch in regards to 21st century music teaching at the high school level.”

“Hit the nail on the head!”

“This is a great idea, and I plan to do it in this coming school year.  It is hard finding information about how to create music appreciation classes that will engage the students with their interests!  Thank you!”

“THANK YOU! I’m a first year music teacher who got thrown into Secondary against her will and I have felt like I’m drowning … I cannot WAIT to start them on this assignment!”

“Can’t wait to try this! I think it’s going to be incredible! Thanks so much!”

“This is exactly what I’d been looking for – have you blogged at all about the other units you mentioned above?  I love the “Music as Identity” project idea and would love to “borrow” more if you have them!”

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