Nick’s Musings on Music Education

Over the past couple of years, my writing has received a fair amount of attention within the field of music education. In addition presentations at University of Illinois, Illinois State University, Michigan State University, the Illinois Music Educators Conference, and the Technology in Music Education National Conference, I’ve been quoted by others in national publications like Teaching Music Magazine (November 2010 & August 2011) and USA Today.

Most of my body of written work focuses on the need for music education to expand outward, meeting the needs of the other 80% of students who do not participate in their high school music programs. Some incorrectly assume that my writings reflect an anti-ensemble approach to music education. For the record, that simply isn’t the case. I believe that the large ensemble provides unique musical and social experiences that will serve children well into their adult lives. This is a case has been made by much smarter people than me and so I’ve focused my efforts on secondary general music offerings.

You will find links to some of my writings below. I hope that any potential employer will take the time to consider my points and my ability to present them coherently and with reasoned rationale. Also, while you’re reading, check out some of the comments from other music educators at the bottom of each article.

Selected writings:

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